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About Me

My name is Cindy but my friends call me Sid. I have been in love with the salt for as long as I can remember and I have been fishing the Texas coastline since I was tot; mostly off the beaches, piers and jetties in Galveston, TX with my family. In the summer s we travel to Seadrift, TX to fish off the rigs with our family and friends. 

In Texas, you can find me on my kayak with friends stalking redfish, trout and flounder. 

My best days in life have been on the water and every time I hear someone say, “I wish my kid liked to fish, but they get bored..” I tell them “because you need to take them catching!” – croakers and pinfish did it for me.

I am an angler with no barriers. Though my passion is light-tackle inshore fishing, I revel at an opportunity to chase offshore species, and the occasional buggy whip adventure.


I have a passion for traveling the world and sharing with others the places they can go, the food they can eat, the fish they can target and most of all the people that make those places so special.

My goal for fishing is to take my passion for the sport and promote the lifestyle the best I can.

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