Charleston, SC | For fishing, fooding and friends in low places.

Destination: Charleston, SC

Fishing Style: Inshore Guide: Capt. Mike Illig | Avid Angling Fishing Charters Species targeted: Sheepshead, speckled trout, flounder, redfish

The most rewarding thing about fishing and social media are the connections I have been able to make. I met Miss Darcy at ICAST one year and we have been social buddies ever since.

My travels last year had awarded me with a companion pass from Southwest Airlines. I got to pick one person to travel with until 2018 and naturally I picked my other half to my soul. No, not Sam Root. Ha! My baby sister. Jennypho quickly agreed and we planned a sweet last minute getaway to the low country with help of Darcy.

I had heard plenty about Charleston and as a foodie, I knew I would be in for a treat. My friend Alex insisted I make a stop at HUSK. I took his advice and booked a reservation here before we even had flights.

What a way to kick off a vacay!

The next morning Darcy met us at the hotel. No rush, no stress. She ensured us that Charleston was no pressure. We set off for low tides and a hot bite with Capt. Mike Illig - Avid Angling.

The tides in the area are much different than what I am used to here in Texas. Ebbing tides have a whole different meaning. The foot or so of difference I am used to was replaced by bodies of water completely emptying out four times daily. This place was incredible and anytime I am lucky enough to be in the presence of a bald eagle is an honor. I'm hoping to one day return on my own and experience an infamous flood tide redfish bite.

Unlike, many of my trips, it was a beer and bait kind of day. We started the day off around 11 A.M., Darcy had my crew sold on this trip when she said we'd be leaving "whenever"- You mean I can actually have hotel breakfast before I get on the water? - SOLD.

What happens when you work up an appetite fishing? Water's Edge took care of that next...

This little gem on Shem Creek did not disappoint. Foodie's delight.

The best thing about fishing in new places is connecting with other anglers! Ms Bebe from Angling Women heard I was bringing my friends to Charleston finally and prepared this fishtastic care package.

Thank you Ms Bebe, we're so blessed to finally have met you! We shall return!

Our adventure continued later that evening as my friends and I gathered at the next Charleston experience and my fellow fishing and fooding connoisseur Honson Lau just happened to be in town to join us.

Oyster shots!

Cheers fishing, friends and great food!

Amen Street Fish + Oyster Bar

If there's one thing to complete a laid back southern trip, it's an exit brunch with an amazing bloody mary at Page's Page's Okra Grill . Southern friend chicken with a side of snow crab, shrimp and bacon is what I created. Trip was complete!

Over all, I am extremely thankful to have taken this spontaneous experience to Charleston. The low country does not disappoint and I am hoping to make this a frequent visit when I just need friends, fishing and good comfort dining!

I get pretty jaded on my travels when I'm alone. Though I make many memories traveling solo. Trips like these are what life is all about. Sharing the experience and showing others how easy they can join the fun! Till next time.... Fish on y'all!

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You can live your dreams out in your sleep or wake up and chase them ..
Just keep casting..
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