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Stuart, FL | Epic day on the Treasure Coast

Destination: Stuart, FL

Fishing Style: Inshore

Guide: Captain Chris Britton | Grey Ghost Fishing Charters LLC.

Species targeted: Permit, Snook, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Bull Shark

My body was jello from our haul in Long Key and I was running on fumes, but there's one thing I've learned from 2017, when Chris Britton says it on, I gotta get to Stuart stat!

The turquoise glow of the salt was emerging with the rising sun and I had a good feeling about this day.

These fork-tailed giants always get my blood pumping. Capt. Chris managed to hook and land ol' rubber lips as I let one of his cousins swim away. You can find these crab crunching creatures inshore, nearshore and offshore at certain times of the year throughout Florida. Whether you are a beginner or a bug slinging pro, targeting these babies never get old.

Sam Root and Capt. Chris Britton releasing our beautiful mass of a mit and our day was just getting started.

Better baby your baby or one day your baby will be gone.

I've always said if I did not grow up in Texas chasing spotted tails, the Florida snook would be my first love.

These ambushing predators are fun, flighty and protected from harvest during certains time of the year.

For just a moment, I forget how much I love redfish. Sam Root snap the shot already, this is one big momma!

This is how my leader looked after landing my biggest snook yet. that sand paper mouth is sure to get the heart racing.

Releasing this hefty girl to make more snooklets for us to chase.

This is one of those days that a fishing story is not enough. We checked off a list of Florida's most sought after species and the silverking is at the top! Seeing these glorious creatures is one thing but actually get a tarpon to eat is not always easy.

After release this beauty, we moved on to the next species, I was hoping for another permit but I got this guy instead.

Can we give this dude some credit? I feel like Jack doesn't get the love he deserves. He's a sporty fun, fork-tailed fight for all ages and a close cousin to the worldly renowned GT.

Another sight-casted species aboard Chris Britton's vessel, I may have to retire this lollipop pink shirt.

A day like this can only be summed up in one word. E P I C. Permit, tarpon, snook, jack and I even checked off my first bull shark! Sight-casted on a butterflied mullet and 6/0 Mustad Demon Circle Hook.

Thanks to Capt Chris Britton, Stuart, FL has become one of my favorite places to fis, I will be back this year for sure.

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