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The World's Greatest Alligator Gar Fishing right in my backyard

Destination: Trinity, Texas

Fishing Style: Light Tackle, artificials

Guide: Capt. Kirk Kirkland, "World's Greatest Alligator Gar Guide" Garship Enterprise, Species Targeted: Alligator Gar, Needlenose Gar, Buffalo, Catfish, Gaspergou

If you want to know who the world's greatest lure angler is, meet Gong Lei. I connected with Gong Lei on Facebook a few years ago and have followed his fishing adventures for sometime now. His skills are unmatched and he spends about 9 months out of the year chasing solely trophy fish all over the globe.

His mission this month was to connected with world renowned alligator gar Captain, Kirk Kirkland for a river monster and it just so happens that I live about two hours from some of the best alligator gar fishing waters on in the world.

I am familiar with Capt. Kirk Kirkland from social media as he is one of Mustad Americas longtime pros.

This was my first Texas alligator gar on a lure. Steady improving the last three days over our three day expedition.

Toddler Alligator Gar. These little guys grow to about 3 ft. the first few years and then their growth dramatically decreases. #CoolFacts

I spent the last few days chasing down a prehistoric and native predator to Texas. We fished for 3 days and over 24 hours of nonstop casting. They say the best things in life are the ones that don't come easy and that is exactly the same with this sport. The feeling you get when you have fooled a fish to take your lure is a natural high I wish I could bottle up and share with the world, but to do this with these river monsters was so incredibly gratifying.

I wasn't expecting to get fresh on these guys. Most aggressive little drum I ever met.

Say hello to my little fran y'all!

Gearing up for Costa Rica as I catch up on the highlights of this amazing adventure, but I will be back on the river VERY soon!

I didn't let this playa leave without showing me how to do a PR knot.

Don't tell my pops.. I let this meal go home to grow bigger. Catfish on swimbaits haha, so fun!

A little southern hospitality with awesome company.#samrootingit

I am not the best fisherman, but I will never stop learning. When you are truly passionate about something, you will give it your best every single time. If not, why even attempt? Accompanying Gong Lei and Capt. Kirk Kirkland for river monsters in Texas was truly an honor and a major milestone in my fishing life. P.s. Wei Min Jiang, you are incredible.

Life is short, the world is wide and in the end, all we truly have are life experiences.

Telemetry tag installed by Texas Parks and Wildlifein Feb 2009. Battery died after 18 months but it gave some cool feedback. At 5.479 ft. (1670 mm) she has not grown an inch in 5 years!

82 lb. Alligator Gar on a Fatso Real Roach

Got some cool facts from Texas Parks and Wildlifeon the big alligator gar I went FB LIVE with on July 10th. The fact that she has not grown since Feb 2009 really puts perspective into how imperative catch and release is on big breeder fish.

Bye bye big momma. Thanks Gong Lei and Cliff for this awesome memory and Wei Min Jiang you got some mad skills!

I want to thank Capt. Kirk Kirkland and his family for their hospitality. Captain Kirk is so dialed in on this species that he was giving us instructions from his hospital bed! It is no wonder he is holding over 100 IGFA records and I have no doubt that his knowledge of these creatures is second to none. Gong Lei and Wei Min Jiang thank you for the invite to join you on this amazing adventure. I have so much respect for the two of you. The knowledge I will take from the last few days is sure to be carried to my next adventures. We left plenty room for an upgrade and I cannot wait for the next time I'm casting lines with you both again. Till next time on frans!

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